January 18th, 2013


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I bought a new game! The Secret World, I wasn't really looking for another MMO but this one came highly recommended and just looked different and interesting. So far that's turning out to be true - it's entirely different from WoW, I'm loving the atmosphere and the fact that it's set in the "real world" (except not at all, but there's a London and a New York and Tokyo and they drop pop culture references), the game play is so far a lot like Left 4 Dead but I'm hoping it'll become a bit more varied over time. Excellent voice acting, nice graphics, cool music... I dig it, I dig it a lot. Feels a bit daunting and overwhelming stepping into a new game, MMOs being so huge and intimidating, but on the plus side they don't wear out as fast. I'm still on a break from WoW, haven't logged in for a couple of days, probably good for me. 

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