January 15th, 2013


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By far the single most shocking bit of news (for me) to come out of the Golden Globes: KBell is preggers? WAT! I usually try to ignore what celebs do off-camera (partly out of respect for their privacy, partly because I feel creepy knowing the intimate details of someone's life without them having volonteered the info, and partly because it just ruins the illusion of fiction a bit), and I know she's like 30-something now, but .... she'll always be Veronica Mars to me. Mind slightly blown. Veronica Mars is having a baby. 

Feeling a bit better today, got some new projects and things to do: 
* Dragon Age (dug up the real-life copy I bought at someone's recommendation ages ago when I was in the middle of some other obsession and didn't have time to play) which so far is a bit too much boring fights and dated, sorry-looking graphics but otherwise pretty fun, some funny dialogue in places atleast. 
* Portal 2 with Tim (the Steam Workshop maps) - if I can get it to work because my comp/Steam is being a bitch - and some online board games. Kicked his butt in Scrabble tonight, so that cheered me up a bit. I love word games, they're the only kind of games I'm naturally good at. 
* Remembered I haven't seen Homeland s2 and since everyone seems to think it was awesome I suppose I should watch that. Also Shameless is back, but more on that below.

On the other hand I didn't sleep well last night and will not be getting to bed particularly early tonight either which I should have, in preparation for Wednesday's meeting. Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to say somethin intelligible, even if I may not remember what afterwards. :

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Ssosssooo cccc-c-cccc-cccoooooooold. That's what I get for going half an hour without having my heated blanket on me. Off to make a fort out of blankets in bed.

EDIT: LJ is being weird with the formatting, changing the font size despite me never touching it. Grrrh. Stupid LJ.