January 14th, 2013



So this is my life lately: Every couple of hours I decide on a new course of action to pull myself out of this funk - try playing this game, reviving my interest in WoW, try playing that game, try finding another game I haven't yet considered, find a TV show, etc etc - and then I butt my head against that until I end up with a headache and even more soul-sucking hopelessness than before.

I HATE JANUARY. HATEHATEHATE IT. Everything is the worst right now - it's cold as fuck outside (even the cat refuses to go out on the balcony for more than 5 seconds), summer is ages away, everyone I know seems to have vanished or are busy with other stuff, loads of TV is still on hiatus, WoW is in a funk and I hate my server, this Wednesday I have to get up at the crack of 10am for a visit from my doctor + contact person ... aaaaaaand the cat just fucking puked. OF FUCKING BLOODY COURSE. Like, literally at the exact time I was about to end that sentence, he pukes. I'm sure he did that on purpose, the timing was too perfect. 


I need to not be in this reality anymore, STAT. 

(Sorry for the constant whining but: JANUARY.)