January 12th, 2013


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I'm not doing well, guys, not well at all. I've been alone a lot lately, which is usually fine as long as I have something to get lost in, but currently I don't and so I'm not fine. I've gotten myself hooked on audiobooks, non-fiction for starters cause fiction is weird to listen to, so the last couple of nights I've been poking around in WoW mostly aimlessly, leveling some baby hunters that I'm not that into, and listening to (mainly) philosophy books. This is not a good combination with winter and loneliness for me, to understate things completely. Philosophy makes me go dark, black-hole-dark, cause being a depressed pessimist is really not a good foundation on which to ponder the mysteries of life. I need distraction, this time of year more than ever, and so naturally WoW chooses this month to go completely and utterly quiet and boring. Of course.

Only life raft at the moment = TV, atleast most shows are back/coming back soon and there's enough of them to fill atleast a couple of hours in the evening. I really wish I had something to marathon though, I crave it like a crackaddict tbh, but I'm not hopeful about the prospects of finding something I haven't already seen. You'd think finding Person of Interest would pursuade me that's not the case, but: pessimist. It was probably just the one show I hadn't discovered yet and all other shows are horrible. 

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I know this'll sound whiny and self-pitying (although hello, have you met me?), but: I miss having friends. Friends that are around and does stuff, I don't even care what stuff as long as it's moderately fun and not done solo and requiring audiobook companionship. I mean, I'm liking the audiobooks - way overdue for a brain exercising - but I don't like needing them in order to keep my mind busy. (The way they keep my mind busy is not that great, either, but atleast I'm learning stuff.)