January 8th, 2013


It's a brand new day

As you may or (more likely) may not have noticed I'm in the process of remodelling here. Not done yet, planning to update my presentation and fandoms and all those things that should have been updated ages ago, all in due time. Currently on the hunt for some sort of website like Goodreads and TV.com and last.fm etc but that can keep track of ALL my shows, books, movies, games and music and preferably package them up in some nice, tidy little widget, but surprisingly that doesn't seem to exist. Darn, if only I was good at the computery stuffs I could be the next Mark Zuckerberg with this idea! I'm pretty sure it would be a hit - people love the sharing sites. If any code-savvy people happen to read this - mail me! We'll talk, we'll make billions, next thing you know a popstar is playing you in the movie of our success story. 

Meanwhile I'm dusting off the old individual sites, starting with Goodreads since I now have a Kindle (if not yet a working one - still need to get wireless internet set up in my apartment). If you're on there and want a pal then this is me, I currently only have the one. Haven't used it much, or lately - I had unread books there from 2010. Here's hoping I stick with it this time. 

What other sharey-recommendy sites are you guys using these days? Last.fm still #1 for music? Just got that setup, always forget to do that when I get a new computer. What about TV? And is there even one for games? I could really use one of those, actually, on the hunt for a vacation-from-WoW game. 

I think I'm on a new year kick lately, renewing and remodeling and reorganizing (or in some cases just organizing) - I guess I was pretty overdue for one. Things I've done include: new keyboard/mouse, redoing my WoW UI (didn't have a choice on that one), above-mentioned dusting-off of social sites and LJ - and, even, turning the cover on my couch over from the flowery side to the stripey side. That last one probably sounds silly, but a real life thing that doesn't have to do with computers? For me that's practically a walk out in the fresh air! 
Things I *plan* to do are: finally sort my icons and GIFs into easily navigated folders, clean out music and TV from my external hard drive that I never listen to/watch, possibly tidy up a bit in the apartment (depending a bit on the forecast of flying pigs and cold days in hell) and I also 100% absolutely need to find a way to spend my time more efficiently. (It's not so much that I'm wasting it on useless things, it's that there's too many useless things I want to waste it on and I need time for all of them.) 

Yeah. Late to bed, again