January 1st, 2013


The Project

While having my 5078th existential crisis at the start of 2013 I randomly decided to take another whack at self-improvement, something I've attempted many times before, but not for many years of late. My inner dialogue went something like this: Ugh I'm boooooored and depressed and everything sucks, and I don't know what to do about iiiiit. FFS Self, you're nearly 30 freaking years old (or 28, whatever) and you still have no idea what to do with your life? Wait, who said that?! Oh it was just you, Voice of Reason. Haven't heard from you in a while, figured you were dead. Anyhoo, there's no need to be nasty, I'm kind of going through something here! Oh believe me, I know, we're all bloody well aware of that in here. Just quit your whining and do something about it! ut I don't know what, because my brain is a mess and my life is a mess and my apartment is a freaking disaster zone, and hey here's an idea, maybe I should just start by working on those things? All brain-parts in favor say "aye": Aye. Aye. Aye. NAY! Oh shut up, Inner Lazy Brat, you're not old enough to vote.

And so the decision was made - and after about 2 days I started giving up, as I have always done in the past, and probably would have too if I hadn't remembered that I have a blog and that blogging often helps me get things done. Cause I have this sort of feeling that this time it's now-or-never, if I don't make some changes then I will just end up lying on my couch until I grow into it and become a half-couch, half-human monster, sooner or later ending up eating my cat because I can't make it to the kitchen for food. And well ... lets call that Plan B.

Mission statement:

  1. Tidy up the apartment and keep it that way.

  2. Make the apartment a place that CAN be tidied up and that is pretty enough to motivate me to do so.

  3. Find some way to regularly exercise for the sake of health and zombie apocalypse preparation.

  4. Learn origami and knitting.

  5. Learn some languages (sign, Chinese, Latin for starters).

  6. Learn philosophy, read more books, take online classes, look into possible jobs.

  7. Become less of a walking scarecrow.

  8. Be less insecure and self-loathing.

  9. Come to terms with being a girl/woman who is nearly 30.

  10. Try to slightly improve on horribly unhealthy and limited eating habits.

  11. Find out purpose in life.

  12. If there's time, end wars and stop world hunger. Then take a nap.

That's my personal 12-step program to becoming less of a disaster (may be subject to change), all of which will be chronicled here on the off-chance that I manage to not give up this time. And at the risk of sounding desperate and pathetic: If I'm going to succeed I will need your help. Without comments I'll be left alone with just my own thoughts, and that never leads to anywhere but doom. No pressure or anything.

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Year End Fandom Meme

1.) Your main fandom this year:
First half: Rookie Blue (which we will never speak of ever again), second half World of Warcraft because TV mostly sucked this year.

2.) Favorite film watched this year:
The Avengers/The Cabin in the Woods are tied for that one, I rewatched both and I rarely rewatch movies these days.

3.) Your favorite book read this year:
Snuff by Terry Pratchett, also just finished with I Shall Wear Midnight and loved that too. Also re-read all the Discworld books, again I should probably expand on my personal library but ... meh. If it ain't broke.

4.) Your favorite album or song to listen to this year
Passion Pit, Alex Winston, Foster the People, Florence + the Machine, Lana Del Rey, The Killers, probably lots more I'm forgetting.

5.) Your favorite TV show of this year
As always I take "show" to mean "shows": Community, Cougar Town, Parks & Rec, New Girl, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Shameless US. I feel like this list should either be much longer, or much much shorter.

6.) Favorite LJ community of this year
omg_rookieblue (it's not the comm's fault season 3 made me hate the show) - technically the only one I was even active in, and also happened to help co-found (well, I observed)

7.) Your favorite TV show discovery of this year
A recent one: Person of Interest. Started watching around Christmas and am kinda loving it? I expected I migh like it, because I like procedurals for being predictable and reliable, but this one ... really isn't. And I still like it, because it isn't predictable - there's a case-of-the-week, but that's about as much as you know ahead of time. It's the rarest of TV unicorns - a procedural that is legit exciting with cases you actually get sort of invested in. Really getting quite fond of it, and it's so nice to end 2012 on a positive note, TV-wise, after such a disappointing year.
Bonus mention: Teen Wolf.

8.) Your biggest fandom disappointment of this year
Rookie Blue imploding on itself and predictably fecking up a perfectly good ship. Kristen Bell getting herself stuck in House of Lies/House of Lies being terrible/House of Lies actually being somewhat successful and well-recieved even though it is terrible. Also: Revolution, Alcatraz, the general suckiness of new TV shows, the sudden abscence of awesome kickass ladies on TV, sooo many shows having bad years, Community being side-lined by dumbass NBC...

9.) Your TV boyfriend this year
I believe in polygamy when it comes to fantasy boyfriends: Jake Johnson (New Girl), Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries), Joel McHale (Community), Donald Glover (Community), Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds), Eric Christian Olsen (NCIS:LA),

10.) Your TV girlfriend of this year
Kristen Bell (for whom I will even watch House of Lies even though it is absolutely terrible)

11.) Biggest squee moment of the year
The Walking Dead had a bunch, the biggest being a general, all-encompassing squee that the show is finally living up to most of it's potential. Cougar Town being uncancelled by TBS (blessings upon them!), The Cabin in the Woods was an entire whole big squee, especially the big spectacular finale.

12. The most missed of your old fandoms
Rookie Blue (when it wasn't squishing my feelings into feelings-juice), Leverage (just ended, and not a moment too soon, but ack I'll still miss it!). I still miss Veronica Mars on a regular basis, too - I am nothing if not obsessive loyal.

13.) The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to
Hmm, I've kind of exhausted my list of potential shows at this point, and I can't really see that many big unexplored ones floating around either? IDK, I do want a new fandom though, really badly, so fingers crossed something pops up soon. 

14.) Your biggest fan anticipation for the New Year
NEW SHOWS, that I hope will be good and plentiful since we've lost so many this year. Which actually brings me to....

My own additions to this meme:
15.) What shows did you say goodbye to this year (either due to cancellation or other reasons)?
Because cancelled (all, it should be noted, not a moment too soon - and in some cases several moments too late): Gossip Girl, Fairly Legal, In Plain Sight, Eureka, Leverage. Not including firstyears on the basis of "easy come easy go", and in any case the only one I really felt had some lasting potential was The Finder. And yeah, House and Merlin and Chuck ended too, but tbh I quit watching those in 2011 or earlier. 
Because other reasons: Rookie Blue (already covered), American Horror Story (will probably watch s2 at some point, but motivation: superlow atm), The Good Wife (got too soapy), Revenge (also got too soapy, plus I just completely randomly lost interest), Happy Endings (never was that into it and this season it got even more "hey haven't I seen this before in like 1000 shows?"), NCIS (booooring), 

At this point I was going to do a RL meme too, but less than half-way through it I realized it was a complete waste of time on account of me (happily) not having one. XD In fact, if I have any New Year's Resolutions this year it would be: 1. Go to bed earlier, and 2. Burrow down deeper into the rabbit hole of fiction and fandoms, because I love it here and I don't everever want to leave. Books, movies, games, and of course first and foremost TV shows, it doesn't really matter what as long as it's good. 

The tricky part of course is finding the good stuff - but that's where you come in, if there is in fact someone reading this (other than the bots, trolling for information to use for their hilarious madlib spam ads). Whoever you are, KEEP ON GEEKING. As soon as you find something, anything, that make you squee-giggle and feel vaguely guilty because you really shouldn't care this much about fictional people? Post it here on LJ (or point me in the direction of whatever the new hangout is instead of LJ since LJ seems to be dying out), and spread it like an epidemic. In fact, lets please make a joint resolution to fangirl more this year - more and proudly and in a more supportive, friendly way, because shipping wars and nastiness and the entire idea of guilty pleasure shows is sooo last decade. And perhaps also a bit less of gif-pingpong on Tumblr and a bit more discussions in actual communities like the good old days? Surely there's some fellow old ladies like me who will happily lose an evening scrolling through Tumblr but misses the indepth-discussions and the real community-feel of actual communities? Surely.

IDK, maybe I'm talking crazy, it's 3.30am and I'm off to bed (that whole "bed earlier thing" starts tomorrow, didn't I mention?). But: 2013 - year of the fangirl. I dub thee so.